V Rising – Blood Hunt (Alpha Wolf) Mission Guide

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One of the available missions within V Rising is Blood Hunt, this basically requires you to find and eliminate the Alpha Wolf.

The Alpha Wolf is a V Blood carrier that we must find and drink from in order to complete the mission.

Head east of the Infested Graveyard as this is where we can construct the Blood Altar and find the Alpha Wolf. In this location there will be a Mist Brazier

Anyway here is where we need to plant the Blood Altar, which requires Stones and Blood Essence. The Blood Altar is located in the Foundation menu.

Plant this Blood Altar and then interact with it to reveal the Alpha Wolf objective.

The Alpha Wolf is a level 16 wolf fiend that can then be found after opening the gate here, leading into the next area (Wolf Den)

Deplete the Alpha Wolf’s health until you can feed from it. This will then complete the mission.

After completing the mission we will now get a new ability that allows us to shapeshift into a wolf. (Wolf Form)

The Alpha Wolf is one of many available V Blood carriers that we can unlock and defeat.


Blood Hunt – I tracked down a V Blood carrier and claimed its knowledge as my own.

Construct and interact with a Blood Altar

Uncover knowledge and new powers by drinking the blood of a V Blood carrier

Alpha Wolf – A ferocious apex predator of its kind, many times larger, stronger, and more hostile than its smaller kin. The Alpha Wolf, true to its name, is regarded by others of its kind with absolute authority. They never truly hunt alone.

REWARDS: For defeating the Alpha Wolf you will be rewarded with the Wolf Form ability. Allowing you to shapeshift into a wolf for increased movement speed.


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