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Blood Essence is one of the many crafting materials that can be found and collected within V Rising. It is mainly used to help create and maintain your Castle Heart.

However, despite how much of a key material this can be it isn’t exactly clear on how to how to get and acquire it. Its simple really.

Blood Essence can actually be acquired in multiple different ways. Each way will require you to find and fight off against living creatures, this includes; deers, wolves, bears, and humans.

Once you have successfully found one of these living creatures you will then want to keep attacking it until its health gets depleted.

When the creature has been weakened enough you will then get the opportunity to feed on it, this can be done by using the F key.

When you begin feeding on the creature a bar will appear, this basically represents how long it will take before you are fully fed. We can then move on to the next target.

Every time you have successfully fed on a weakened creature we will then be rewarded with a Blood Essence.


An energy source distilled from Blood. Vampires use it to control material, to unlock sealed knowledge and to convert humans into obedient servants


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