V Rising – How To Construct A Castle Heart (Lord Of Shadows) Guide

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As you continue through V Rising you will be instructed to construct and interact with a Castle Heart. This will be part of the Lord Of Shadows mission

A Castle Heart is basically your domain, your safe haven. It is a place that can be created and expanded upon. In order to improve it you will be required to collect Copper Ingot and Leather.

However, to actually improve it you will first need to create a Castle Heart. This can be done by using Blood Essence and Stones

In order to create and construct a Castle Heart you will need to begin the Lord Of Shadows mission. From there you will be tasked with constructing and interacting with a Castle Heart. Alongside expanding your territory. Both objectives can be complete during this one section.

From there make sure you have the correct number of Blood Essence. This can be dropped by any and all living creatures this includes; deers, wolves, bears, and humans.

When you find a living creature continue to fight it until its health has been depleted enough to allow you to feed from it. You can feed from the weakened creature by using the F key.

By feeding on the weakened creature you will then be rewarded with a Blood Essence.

Stones are quite easy to get and you will need them in order to create the Castle Heart and to expand your territory. For those wondering, one location that you can farm stones from is over in the Forgotten Cemetery. Simply destroy anything made from stone, such as gravestones for example.

With both the Blood Essence and Stones gathered we can then create the Castle Heart and Borders. Just make sure you have quite a bit of space in which to do this.

We can create the Castle Heart and Borders by accessing the Foundation menu.


Lord Of Shadows – I summon the heart of my domain. From this location I shall rebuild my castle and rise to my former glory.

Construct and interact with a Castle Heart

Expand your territory by placing Borders 3/3


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