(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Get By With A Little Helper (Side Quest) Guide

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Get By With A Little Helper is one of the many available side quests that you can find and complete within (TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You

It involves providing some reminding

  • QUEST NAME: Get By With A Little Helper
  • STORY CHAPTER: Week 2 Day 5
  • LOCATION: Scramble Crossing
  • REWARDS: Orichalcum x2, x5 Friendship Points, Seiji-of-Some-Trades (Social Network)
  • SOCIAL NETWORK ABILITY: Chain Extender – Increases the number of Noise symbols you can chain together in a single encounter
  • You can find this one in Scramble Crossing on the road to the Expressway Underpass
  • Here you will discover a man who seems to be rather unhappy about Ryoji, apparently he didn’t teach him what he needed to learn and now he is feeling a bit anxious and frustrated
  • Nagi tries scanning him for any Noise, but turns up empty hmm..
  • Instead the team decides that Fret is the one who can help him here, so use his remind ability. Solve the picture puzzle
  • The handyman will then decide that he shouldn’t rely on reviews that much, then he will decide to quit and walk off
  • With that all over with the quest will then end


  • Help Ryoji’s ”little helper”
  • Someone could use our help at the Scramble Crossing
  • Scan Ryoji’s ”little helper” to find out what’s bugging him
  • Remind him of what Ryoji said


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