V Rising – How To Craft Paper (Material) Guide

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Paper is one of the many crafting materials that can be found within V Rising. It is mainly used to research new crafting recipes.

In order to get paper we can either farm it or create it. Creating it will require us to research and build the Paper Press.

In order to get paper we have the choice of either finding it or we can create it, either way we will most likely be in for a long grind.

In order to find paper we will need to find and eliminate humanoid type targets. This is mainly due to paper being a drop from these type of targets.

So heading to locations such as the bandit camps is a good way of trying to farm for it.

In order to create paper we will need to gather a few other things. This includes the Study.

We can get the Study by eliminating Nicholaus the Fallen, one of the V Bosses within the game.

From there we will need to research the Paper Press. The Paper Press is used to refine fibres and sawdust and turn it into paper.

When the Paper Press has been successfully created we will then need more materials. This time we will need both Sawdust and Plant Fibre.

In order to make Sawdust we will need a Sawmill. From there we will then need Lumber which will, of course, come from trees.

Plant Fibre can be got by harvesting bushes, this material should be rather easy to farm.


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