Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : Eliminate High-Ranking Members (No Survivors) Guide

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No Survivors is one of the many trophies and achievements that players can unlock within Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong.

It requires players to find a way to eliminate the high-ranking members of the Society of St. Leopold. This includes Chiara Favarone, Joseph Manneh, and Elle Gallagher.


In order to eliminate Chiara Favarone we will have to progress the game until we come across a scene involving her. She will be trying to rush DR. Henry to get her the results she wants.

Anyway, more importantly Favarone will be playing around with a red implant that we will need to get from her, if we want to pull this off.

Our first task that we will need to perform if we want this red implant is to find and equip the hazmat suit. Once you have it, equip it and proceed to speak with Favarone.

Whilst speaking with Favarone go ahead and try to steal the implant, we will then be rewarded with the key card to the cold storage room.

Head to the room with DR. Henry and we will be able to use the key card to access the cold storage room. In here we can get the Security Key.

Whilst in the cold storage room we can then search through the Human Organ Transplant boxes in the room. One of which will contain Jara Drory’s cerebellum

Equip the hazmat suit once again and return to Favarone. We now want to interact with the table here and set down the cerebellum.

A scene will then trigger and we can then take the implant. Another scene will then play out and we say goodbye to Favarone.

We will now obtain the Chiara Favarone’s red implant.


After updating Favarone’s red implant we can then continue on to the next room. In here there will be a Treasure Department.

Interact with the Treasure Department building and scan the implant. Just above the scanner there will be a temperature panel that we can also interact with. The guy inside the Treasure Department building will now begin to panic.

Head inside the Treasure Department now using the door on the left and heading around. Here speak with the guy that was inside the Treasure Department room. We will now know that this man, is in fact, Joseph Manneh.

Win the confrontation with Joseph Manneh and persuade him to help you. This will then allow us to either Kill Him And Take His Implant or Spare Him

For the purpose of this guide we will want to choose the Kill Him And Take His Implant option

We will now obtain Joseph Manneh’s red implant.


In order to find Elle Gallagher we will need to head to the contamination room, where we can find Hoover. Ignore the contamination process and simply head straight through the door here.

In this next room we can find Elle Gallagher, who will be in a separate room messing with one of her weapons.

Anyway whilst in this room all we need to do, in order to complete this task, is to interact with the control panel. (Safety Box Container).

Using the Security Key that we got earlier we can now interact with the Safety Box Container, by doing this we will be eliminating Elle Gallagher.

Interact with Elle Gallagher in order to collect Elle Gallagher’s red implant.


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