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The Greater Blood Essence is one of the many crafting materials that can be created within V Rising. It is mainly the next stage up from the basic Blood Essence

In order to start crafting and creating the Greater Blood Essence we will need to make sure we are prepared first. By this I mean that we will need to acquire several bits of equipment such as the Blood Press, Unsullied Hearts, and the Greater Blood Essence Recipe

In order to start creating the Greater Blood Essence we will need to obtain a few things first, this includes the Blood Press.

You can create a Blood Press by using Planks and Stones as material. We can get Planks by collecting Lumber from trees and using a Sawmill. Whilst Stones can be collected by destroying anything made of stone, such as gravestones for example.

With the Blood Press now available to us, we then need Unsullied Hearts.

We can get Unsullied Hearts by defeating bosses, this includes the various V Blood carrier bosses. We can also find them by defeating targets that are over level 16.

Our final task is to go and collect the Greater Blood Essence Recipe, this can be obtained by defeating Tristan The Vampire Hunter. It will be a reward for having completed the task.

That is all there is to it.


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