V Rising – How To Find Copper Ingot (Material) Guide

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Copper Ingot is one of the many materials that you can find and collect within V Rising. It can be used for many different reasons, including being able to upgrade the Castle Heart.

The earliest location in which you can find the Copper Ingot is over at the Bandit Copper Mine. This area becomes available during the Errol The Stonebreaker mission quest.

The Bandit Copper Mine is located slightly north west of the Farbane Woods. The Copper Ingot is only one of several materials that you can get from this location.

Another way to get Copper Ingot is to actually create it using Copper Ore, which can also be found at the Bandit Copper Mine. Though Copper Ore can be farmed from various different locations, the best and earliest place to get it is actually inside the Bandit Copper Mine.

Inside the Bandit Copper Mine there will be several orange nodes. These nodes can be mined for Copper Ore.

With the Copper Ore in hand you can then return to your base and place it in your furnace to then proceed to make Copper Ingot.

In order to mine and basically smash through rock nodes you will need to create a Reinforced Bone Mace. You can do this using the following materials; Bone Mace, x4 Planks, and 120 Stones.

As well as being able to upgrade your Castle Heart using Copper Ingot, you can also use Copper Ingot to create various other handy items and equipment too. Including; Copper Axe, Copper Mace, Copper Spear, and Copper Swords.


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