V Rising – How To Find Grave Dust (Material) Guide

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Grave Dust is one of the more rarer materials that can be dropped and found. It is mainly used to craft magical objects and consumable items.

The earliest location in which you can begin farming for Grave Dust is over at the Forgotten Cemetery. Basically anywhere that you can find the Skeleton Priests. The Skeleton Priests often reside in cemeteries and, although it is a rare drop, they are quite capable of dropping the Grave Dust,

Unfortunately the Skeleton Priests are quite capable of summoning a number of minions, making defeating them slightly tricky.

Being a priest, they also enjoy fighting at a distance which may mean that triggering any other nearby target will become a highly likely scenario. Make sure you don’t get too out numbered.

Alternatively you can also try crafting Grave Dust. In order to do this we will need to acquire the Grinder.

The Grinder is a workshop that can turn raw materials into bricks and dust. In order to create it we need the following materials; Planks, Copper Ingot, and Whetstone

With the Grinder successfully created we can then use bones in order to create the Grave Dust. Bones, of course, can be dropped from targets such as skeletons that are located within cemeteries.


Magic components are used for crafting magical objects and consumable items.

Cannot be Teleported


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