V Rising – How To Find Iron Ore (Material) Guide

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Iron Ore is one of the many crafting materials that you can find and locate within V Rising. It is mainly used to create Iron based weapons.

You can get the Iron Ore from various mining locations

As said, you can find Iron Ore from various different mining nodes and locations.

You can find these mining nodes over in the Dunley Farmlands area, which is a level 35+ area. You will reach this area after fully exploring the Farbane Woods.

From there you will be able to spot these mining nodes. You can also find the Iron Ore mining nodes inside the Haunted Iron Mine, which is south of the Dunley Farmlands.

Iron Ore is the second set of ore that you can come across, it follows on from the Copper Ore. Which is fitting when the ore can also be found within the second location. Following on from the Farbane Woods.


Reagent used for crafting

Cannot be Teleported


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