Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : All Safe Zones (Meet Me There) Guide

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Meet Me There is one of the many trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

In order to unlock it you will be required to find all of the Safe Zones

All you need to do for it to count is to find each safe zone and step into it. This will then count towards the overall completion

LOCATION: Prince’s Quarters
GUIDE: This one is located at the Prince’s Quarters. It is basically the room behind the curtains, with the sofa.

LOCATION: Prince’s Quarters
GUIDE: This one is basically on the room opposite the last one. It is an identical room.

LOCATION: Moore’s Apartment – Gardening Storage
GUIDE: This one can be found at Moore’s Apartment, whilst controlling Galeb. Simply head to the room with the fish tank and turn left to find the gardening storage.

LOCATION: Moore’s Apartment – Moore’s Archives
GUIDE: In order to get this one we will need to access Moore’s Archives, we can do this by first acquiring the key. They key is located upstairs in Moore’s Apartment.

Head to the room with the sofa and computer. Galeb will mention that this is where he first met Moore. The key will be inside the drawer. (Key to Jason Moore’s archives)

Use this key on the door in the same room.

LOCATION: Moore’s Apartment – Staff Locker Room
GUIDE: Find and speak with Ethan Adams and ask him about the parking garage. We will now get the Caretaker’s magnetic key card.

Proceed to ride the elevator lift down to the basement.

Down here we can find the Staff Locker Room.

LOCATION: Hartford Chantry (Scene 03) – Locker Room
GUIDE: As Leysha find the door leading to the Dressing Room, this is actually the Locker Room Safe Zone.

LOCATION: Hartford Chantry (Scene 03) – IT Room
GUIDE: Head to a corridor where a bunch of woman will be talking about a photocopier and office supplies. The door on the right here will lead to the safe zone.

LOCATION: Hartford Chantry (Scene 03) – Bathroom
GUIDE: Just before the second set of yellow police cation tape, there will be a corridor on the right. Here a scene will occur involving Dr. Dunham. The safe zone is located through the door on the right.

LOCATION: Hartford Chantry (Scene 03) – Laundry Room
GUIDE: Head into the room across from the bathroom and there will be an officer talking about food, speak to them in order to move them out of our way.

Copy the Forensic Specialist outfit, that stands or was stood behind the officer. Then equip the outfit.

Head through the police tape we passed earlier. There will then be a scene involving Halsey.

LOCATION: Long Island (Scene 06) – Chemical Storage
GUIDE: We can gain access to this safe zone after completing the contamination process for Hoover. After completing this task Hoover should then proceed to open the door for us to gain access to the safe zone.

LOCATION: Long Island (Scene 06) – Equipment Storage
GUIDE: Head towards the Treasure Department and continue on into the room on the left. From there continue on to the next room, we can find the safe zone in here.

LOCATION: Long Island (Scene 06) –
GUIDE: After the scene involving Favarone we will then need to find and equip the hazmat suit. From there proceed to steal the implant from Favarone, who will then give us the key card for the cold storage room.

With the cold storage room key card we can then unlock the door to the safe zone.



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