V Rising – Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer (V Blood Carrier) Location Guide

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The Nightmarshall Styx The Sunderer is another V Blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the Blood Hunt mission

From there we can then begin searching for Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer

The Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer is a level 76 mission quest that can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. The same way as we did to search for the Alpha Wolf

By interacting with the Blood Altar we can then proceed to track and search for our target.

Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer is located throughout the Cursed Forest region

Styx is a dual wielder that often rushes and runs around the area, making him a fast and quick target. Using the power of his dual swords, Styx is also capable of dishing out projectile damage too.


A legendary vampire from the age of Dracula. He was one of only a handful of loyalists bold enough to be well beyond enemy lines when the barrier of darkness was erected over Farbane. Thinking himself abandoned by his allies to the forces of humanity, he has not since forgotten his betrayal.

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