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Mother’s Ring is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

This quest has us searching for a mothers ring that is thought to have been rusted away over the passing years. However, the spirit form may still exist.

We will need to head to Be’elzean Territory in order to find this ring.

SUBQUEST: Mother’s Ring
CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Purify The Soul
QUEST REWARDS: Convergence I (Divine Art Scroll), Ambrosia.
LOCATION: Be’elzean Territory

We can get this subquest by speaking with the young girl’s spirit over in the Be’elzean Territory. This young girl will want you to go and find her lost mother’s ring. So we begin our quest to find the ring.

In order to find this missing ring you will need to explore the Be’elzean Territory and make your way over to the church. The quest marker should help you with directions.

Continue along the narrow paths and you will eventually find a building, here you will be forced to vanquish a few foes. There are also a few treasure chests in here too, one of which contains Arts Elixir (Small) and there will be another containing an Arts Elixir (Medium).

Head through the nearby door and we will be back outside again. Once outside continue down the track to the left and there will be another treasure chest (Violet Gem x10). Continue to follow the quest marker.

We will then come across a damaged bridge, jump over it to reach the abandoned structure. Here we will find the treasure chest that contains the Mother’s Ring.


The spirit of a young girl was searching for her mother’s ring. With it, her soul can be purified. According to the girl, the ring should be somewhere around the church.

> Look for the ring


The ring the spirit of the girl had been looking for


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