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A Dead Man’s Warning is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

A Dead Man’s Warning sub quest has us speaking with the spirit of a fallen knight. This spirit will warn us of venturing any further, stating that only death awaits us if we decide to continue on. It would seem that this fallen knight had met his end in this place.

Our goal now is to go and purify his soul, or to purify the undead.

SUBQUEST: A Dead Man’s Warning
CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Purify The Soul
QUEST GIVER: A Knight’s Soul
QUEST REWARDS: x2 Ambrosia
LOCATION: Be’elzean Territory

This is one of two available subquests within the Be’elzean Territory, with the other subquest being Mother’s Ring

Anyway head to the quest location and speak with the knight’s soul, who will warn us not to go any further and to stop exploring this location. Of course we are going to ignore them and explore the place anyway.

So lefts proceed and turn and head right, we should be able to follow the quest marker from here. Along the way we will encounter some monsters, we can either deal with them or ignore them.

If you keep going you will encounter some stairs, going past these stairs will reveal that our destination is hidden behind a closed gate. As we cannot open this gate right now we will need to make our way up the stairs to the next floor.

Once at the top turn left and hop down to the ground below, this will take us to our next destination. After teleporting we will then find ourselves in a large room, which looks like a dead end. If we continue on we will instantly encounter a bunch of monsters. Eliminate them all.

After all of the monsters have been successfully dealt with, we will then get scene involving the knight’s soul once again. The spirit will apologize for trying to warn you, that he was mistaken by how skilled we actually are. The spirit will then move on and the quest will come to an end.


Valkyrie finds a message in Midgard that seems to have been left by the dead. It states that a horde of monsters is lurking nearby. In the name of salvation, Valkyrie prepares to cleanse these horrors.

> Purify The Undead


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