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My Hometown is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

This one relates to a spirit that is worried about his hometown, which is now infested by monsters. The spirit desperately wants to see his hometown back to its original state, before the monsters invaded.

Our job then, of course, is to go and eliminate these monsters and bring some kind of peace back to the town.

SUBQUEST: My Hometown
CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Champions of the Divine
QUEST REWARDS: Magic Damage Reduction I
LOCATION: Be’elzean Territory

After completing both Mother’s Ring and A Dead Man’s Warning subquests, and reaching Chapter 2 – Champions of the Divine we will then be able to begin this one.

This subquest is located in the Be’elzean Territory. So head there and speak with the spirit who will then tell you that he wants to see his hometown back to the way it was, before the monsters invaded.

Our task should be quite straight forward, simply defeat and eliminate all of the surrounding monsters. By doing this we can restore some kind of peace to the town.

There will be many monsters lurking within the town, simply follow the various quest markers in order to find them. Then let them taste steel.

Once all of the monsters have been successfully vanquished the game will then confirm this and continue to mention that eliminating the monsters is all the soul tasked us with.

Return to the spirit to complete the quest. Simple, right?


An old spirit appears to be in shock after seeing his former hometown infested with monsters.

> Purify the undead


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  1. So I did this sub-mission and I think my game may have soft-locked. Nothing appears on the map, and I’m just stuck running around. I can’t return back to Odin to select another sub-mission or main quest.

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