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O’ Mine Beloved Land is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

It is a subquest that is part of the Galdban Territory. It relates to a proud noble that now worries about the lands he once governed.

We will then be tasked with bringing this noble to a specific location. We will have monsters to deal with and quite a big town to explore and run through.

SUBQUEST: O’ Mine Beloved Land
CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – An Unexplored Encounter
QUEST GIVER: Noble Spirit
QUEST REWARDS: Magic Attack Boost II, Soul Ambrosia
LOCATION: Galdban Territory

This particular subquest is part of the Galdban Territory, we can get it during Chapter 3 – An Unexplored Encounter by speaking with the Noble Spirit.

The Noble Spirit will want to head to a specific location within town. Eygon will be very eager for us to help this noble, so Valkyrie agrees to help and the quest begins..

Start by following the quest marker up the stairs and continue on, eliminating any and all foes that come into our path. We will eventually reach some platforms in the water, use them to cross over to the other side.

Head through various different buildings and keep following the quest marker, we should be heading in the eastern direction of the map. If you have kept following the quest marker and headed east of the map you should then bump into the Noble’s Spirit.

The Noble Spirit will be aware of his town’s situation and tragically won’t be impressed with it. Several monsters will then spawn behind you during your conversation with the Noble Spirit, defeat and eliminate them.

After all of the monsters have been dealt with the quest will then be complete.


The spirit of a proud noble was found remaining on Midgard, unable to pass on from worrying over the lands he once governed. He wishes to be brought to a particular spot in his former domain, so that he may see it with his own eyes once more.

> Lead the Noble’s Spirit


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