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An Old Man’s Discerning Eye is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

The An Old Man’s Discerning Eye is a subquest that is connected to the Galdban Territory. It involves the spirit of an old merchant, who grieves over a special item that he adored and wants to see in its full potential.

This special item is actually a sword and it is up to us to go and test it out for the old spirit.

SUBQUEST: An Old Man’s Discerning Eye
CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – An Unexplored Encounter
QUEST GIVER: A Merchant’s Spirit
QUEST REWARDS: Gagnrathr, Ambrosia
LOCATION: Galdban Territory

Head to the Galbdan Territory and speak with the merchant’s spirit to begin the quest. Our task is to go and test out this sword that we have just been given. This is the special item that the poor spirit was never able to see in action.

In order to complete this quest and satisfy the merchant we will basically need to go around defeating monsters. However, our main target is further into the area, at the quest marker. So continue following the marker.

Our path will take us up a flight of stairs and to an outside courtyard, the path is really linear. Like most locations really. So it is difficult to get lost. Anyway head to the outside courtyard and go through the teleport.

After teleporting we will then need to go and eliminate the next wave of monsters that spawn. After the first wave a large octopus monster will then spawn, this octopus is our main target for this quest. You can tell as it has a lot more health than the other monsters we have just encountered. It can also hit much harder too.

Once the octopus has been successfully neutralized we will then get to speak with the merchant spirit once again. This will then complete the quest.


The spirit of an old man, a former merchant by trade, appears to be grieving-specially over an item he adored but was unable to see its full potential

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