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The Unfinished Masterpiece is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

The Unfinished Masterpiece involves the spirit of a playwright, who wishes to complete his magnum opus. All whilst being unaware of his ghostly state.

This specific subquest is part of the Galdban Territory, alongside many other subquests including; O’ Mine Beloved Land and An Old Man’s Discerning Eye

SUBQUEST: The Unfinished Masterpiece
CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Victim Of The Gods
QUEST GIVER: A Playwright’s Spirit
QUEST REWARDS: Magic Damage Reduction II, Ambrosia
LOCATION: Galdban Territory

Begin the quest and we will find ourselves in a rather large dead end room. Perfect place for a boss fight. In this room we will find Eygon. Speak to him and this will then result in a fight against him.

Eygon is a fast and agile opponent, he is a master of using the sword. However, if you successfully connect using magical abilities this should then open him up for a more close up attack. From there just keep hammering away at him.

After you are finished fighting and defeating Eygon, the Playwright Spirit will then admit that they are impressed with our performance and abilities. Due to the fight the spirit will then apparently be overflowing with ideas.

This will then complete the quest.


Valkyrie and her companions come upon the spirit of a playwright, who seems unaware of his now-ghostly state. He wishes to complete his magnum opus and asks Valkyrie to show him what a real battle looks like.

> Defeat Eygon


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