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Years Of Ill Will is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

Years Of Ill Will involves the spirit of a mercenary who is resentful of monsters. It is one of the four optional subquests that is part of the Galdban Territory. It accompanies other quests in this region including;  O’ Mine Beloved Land, An Old Man’s Discerning Eye and The Unfinished Masterpiece

The mercenary spirit was apparently on a monster hunt but unfortunately ended up letting his guard down, he now wants us to take down this monster as part of his revenge.

SUBQUEST: Years Of Ill Will
CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Victim Of The Gods
QUEST GIVER: A Mercenary’s Spirit
LOCATION: Galdban Territory

Begin the quest and the mercenary’s spirit (we can find this spirit to the south east of the map) will inform us of what happened to him, that he was once regarded as a famous mercenary. However, during a monster hunt he unfortunately let down his guard and was slaughtered by several monsters. He now wants us to go and get revenge for him.

Our destination is not actually that far away, just head east from our current location. It will be marked on the map. However, before we actually head there we can find a treasure chest after eliminating the first wave of monsters. From there head left down some stairs and towards the water. (Arts Elixir (Large)

Just across from that treasure chest we can actually find another chest, this time containing a Might Potion. Continue on towards the quest marker.

Continue on and cross a bridge, eliminate the monsters here. Then to the right there will be another treasure chest (Soul Elixir – Medium)

Keep going and when you come to a dead end simply interact with the door, we should almost be at our destination. Follow the stairs down and encounter the last remaining set of monsters.

After you are down eliminating the monsters the mercenary spirit will then show up. The spirit will now be relieved and will finally rest. Quest complete.


The spirit of a mercenary appeared to be particularly resentful of monsters

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