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Thanks To A Comrade (1) is one of the many available subquests that players can try to unlock and complete within Valkyrie Elysium.

It is part of Chapter 3 – An Unexplored Encounter and the Be’elzean Territory. It involves agreeing to Eygon’s wishes to see his homeland.

After accepting the quest we will then be taken to the Be’elze Castle Town, where we will then need to go and explore the area.

SUBQUEST: Thanks To A Comrade (1)
CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – An Unexplored Encounter
QUEST REWARDS: Meteor Swarm I, Voltage Chain, Impulse
LOCATION: Be’elzean Territory

After unlocking the quest and speaking with Eygon we will then need to begin exploring the Be’elze Castle Town. Start exploring by heading towards the quest marker, as perhaps expected, the place will be riddled with monsters so either eliminate them or ignore them. Your choice.

When you arrive at the first wave of monsters there will be a treasure chest to the left. Make sure not to miss it. Then continue on to a more open area with even more monsters to play with.

The quest marker will take you to a teleport that is located north east of the map. Here a scene will trigger involving Eygon and something will be troubling him but he will be reluctant to mention what it actually is.

We will then be taken inside the Be’elze Castle, to a dead end or so it seems anyway. Investigating further will trigger more monsters that were waiting for us. Eliminate them all.

After you are done dancing with the monsters in the room a scene will then trigger. Eygon will then finally open up about what was troubling him earlier. The quest will then come to an end.


Agreeing to Eygon’s wish to see his homeland in the present day, Valkyrie and Eygon travel to Be’elze.

> Explore Be’elze


Concentrates lightning magic to conjure multiple lightning strikes around the caster.

Effective against earth-element enemies.


After a readying motion, shoots a chain of lightning directly forward


Jumps high into the air after a short readying motion, then slams sword into the enemy from above.


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