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Cypher’s Belief (1) is one of the available Valkyrie Elysium subquests. It has a 3-star difficulty rating and is part of the Be’elzean Territory region.

The quest involves Cypher and her Einherjar beliefs and in order to solve this mere problem Eygon invites Cypher to Be’elzean. Our task is to then explore and defeat monsters in the process.

Eventually all of this exploration will lead to Eygon having a somewhat heartfelt moment with Cypher as he attempts to explain his thoughts and opinions of Cypher and her Einherjar beliefs.

SUBQUEST: Cypher’s Belief (1)
CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Victim Of The Gods
QUEST REWARDS: Glacial Blizzard I, Zanei, Shinotsuki
LOCATION: Be’elzean Territory

Speak with Cypher and we will then be able to explore Be’elzean. Simply start by following the path to our first wave of monsters, ignore or defeat them.

Continue on towards the quest marker, most of the path is very linear so you should not have difficulty navigating your way around. Our main objective location will be marked on the map and we can find it to the south east.

In order to head to this location we will need to travel outside, so do so and again we will come across more monsters. If we continue on from these monsters we will come across another set of stairs. Now before we descend these stairs there will be a treasure chest just next to these stairs (Arts Elixir – Medium)

From the treasure chest head down these next set of stairs and keep following the quest marker, it will take us out onto a bridge. Eliminate these monsters and then head right down a wooden ramp.

If we continue to follow the quest marker it will eventually lead to a dead end and more monsters. These monsters are not optional, we will need to fight and defeat them in order to complete the quest.


Cypher, who considers himself a mere merchant, questions his place and beliefs as an Einherjar. Eygon invites the doubtful Cypher to Be’elze.

> Explore Be’elze


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