Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : All Emem Lost Memories (How Could I Forget?) Guide

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During scene 04 we will be controlling the character of Emem, where she will be trying to infiltrate the Jefferson Library.

Whilst we are exploring this section of the game we will also come across various memories that were lost at the Chantry. Finding Emem’s memories will unlock the How Could I Forget? trophy achievement

The memories are basically visions of Emem from the past and we will need to encounter them all, if we want to complete this task. There are 7 in total

Each time we manage to finish watching a memory vision a portal will then appear, taking us back to the tower. Basically these memories will all be taking place in an otherworldly realm.

GUIDE: This first memory will occur after obtaining the Blink ability. Continue on for a bit and soon you will find yourself being transported to a circular corridor, this is the Jefferson Library.

Head through the door for a scene involving the first memory.

From the last memory continue on up the stairs. At the top of the stairs we now want to jump across to the other side of the room.

Here we will be able to follow the memory of Emem. It will take us to an area with what looks like a burning path. Here we can once again see the memory vision. This vision will include Clyde Moses.

GUIDE: This next one can be found inside a cell. Simply look for a vessel facing a wall, next to him there will be a bunch of bottles. Interact with these bottles.

We will then be transported back to the circular room once again. Open the door here to find the next memory. It will be a vision of Emem on the dance floor.

GUIDE: Head past the experimental room and we will find a bed, interact with it. As you should now be accustomed to, we will now be back at the circular room once again.

Proceed through the door to find this next vision. This vision will involve Sire Pro Bono.

GUIDE: Return to the cell corridor and head through to the other side, where we will come across a set of damaged stairs that could potentially form a bridge. There is a ledge next to these stairs the leads to a blue crystal.

Interact with this blue crystal to be taken back to the circular room again.

GUIDE: In order to find this one we will need to use a Tremere Potion, which will slow down time. We can find one inside the room with the various levers, across from the stair bridge. Don’t use it yet!

Now activate the lever on the right, this will now unlock more cells for us to explore. These cells can be found in a corridor opposite the cells we have already explored. We can now use the Tremere Potion.

In this corridor we will want to find a cell with a table and a radio inside.

This vision memory will involve a radio announcement from the French national radio.

GUIDE: From the last memory exit the room using the portal. We will be back inside the cell, from here turn right towards the light.

Enter the last cell in the corridor and teleport to the path below. It will lead you to a room with a cracked wall.

Interact with the cracked wall to find yourself in the other realm once again. This memory vision will involve Hilda MacAndrews

GUIDE: Exit the cell corridor altogether, it is now time to make our way up the stairs. Once at the top teleport to the other side.

Once at the tower proceed to solve the floor puzzle and ride to the second floor.

Solve the next floor puzzle and again ride the floor up. Ideally we want to reach floor four. Basically the top floor, so there will be quite a few floor puzzles for us to solve.

Once at the top go ahead and interact with the brazier to initiate the next memory

This vision will involve Herald and the Quentin King.

After successfully unlocking all of the lost memories, the trophy achievement will then pop up after you have completed the mission chapter.


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