Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : How To Unlock The Wooden Box (Jara Drory) Guide

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When you successfully manage to reach scene 05, we will end up back at the Boston Court. Here we will be able to control the character of Galeb

As Galeb we can search the room of Jara Drory. Inside the room there will be a locked box that will require a password of some kind. The box itself can be found on the bed.

Getting inside Jara Drory’s room is actually part of the Go to Jara Drory’s apartment objective.

As mentioned, during scene 05 we will find ourselves back at the Boston Court. Where we will be able to control the character of Galeb.

As Galeb we can explore the various different rooms, one of which belongs to Jara Drory.

If we head inside Jara Drory’s room we will be able to find a locked box on the bed. I wonder what is inside?

In order to open it however, we are going to need to find a password of some kind.

When you inspect this locked box Galeb will mention that Jara was always old fashioned. That whatever is inside has to be important.

In order to find the password to this locked box we will need to find a total of two scraps of paper, both of which will have the code we need.

The first scrap of paper can be found on the white board within the room. This will have the numbers 2, 3 written on

The other scrap of paper can be found on the desk in the room. This one will have the numbers 4, 1

Now if you put both of these scraps of paper together we will get the code that we need to open this box.

The pictures on these scraps of paper should also tell you what order these numbers go in too. If, for whatever reason, you are still struggling then the correct code is as follows; Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Right, Open the box

Inside the once locked box we can find the Decrypted Conversation – September 4, 2019 at 9:30 p.m. (Jara Drory’s secret notebook)


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