Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : Book Puzzle (Swan Statue) Solution Guide

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You can find this puzzle whilst exploring scene 05 and controlling the character of Emem. Where we will find ourselves at the Boston Court and the Prince will want Emem to break into the Second Inquisition’s base. During this time we can find and locate a puzzle involving books and a book shelf.

This will all be part of the Keep exploring the place before leaving and Search the Prince’s apartment mission objectives

In order to solve this rather basic book puzzle we will need to find a specific code. This code is rather easy to acquire and does not really take us too far out of the area.

The swan statue next to this set of books also manages to play a key part with finding and locating this much needed code.

Okay let us track down this code.

Next to the bookshelf puzzle there will be a room that we can go in, in here we can find Miley. However, more importantly we can actually find a Minatare Swan on the shelf behind the bed.

Take this Minatare Swan and place it on to the swan statue. (Place stone swan here). With the Minatare Swan now in position, we can get the key from the swan statue. (Silver Key)

Head downstairs and there will be a stand with a musical sheet on it (Swan Lake – Finale). This sheet will give us the code we need.

Use the Silver Key on the bookshelf so that we can now begin solving the puzzle.

Our task now is to use the music sheet that we found earlier and push the correct books, in the correct order. The correct code and order is as follows; B, F, D, A, C

If done correctly we can then gain access to the new compartment, and to the following files; Galeb Bazory – Evaluation by Jara Drory.


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