V Rising – How To Craft Cotton Yarn (Material) Guide

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Cotton Yarn is one of the many available crafting materials within V Rising. It is mainly used to create the Eye of Twilight.

We can get the recipe for the Cotton Yarn, as well as the required structure by defeating one of the many bosses within the game.

One of the requirements that we will need before we can just start creating Cotton Yarn is the Tailoring Bench or Loom Structure. This can be obtained by defeating Beatrice the Tailor

We can also get the Cotton Yarn recipe from defeating Beatrice the Tailor, this is another requirement that we will need before we can begin.

Our next task is to go out and hunt for Cotton. This can be found in various locations within Dunley Farmlands. More specifically you can find Cotton within the Cotton Farms, where it will be part of the available loot.

We can then return back to base and start crafting Cotton Yarn.


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