V Rising – How To Craft Glass (Material) Guide

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Glass is one of the many available crafting material that can be available to craft and make within V Rising. It is mainly used to decorate your castle base, this also includes being able to add windows.

In order to be able to crate glass you will need to defeat one of the many available bosses within the game, and you will also need the use of a furnace.

As said, in order to create and make glass we will need the use of a Furnace. Makes sense right? A Furnace can help melt glass and allow us to shape it.

Alongside a Furnace we will also need the Glass recipe, this is crucial in order to create the material. We can get the recipe by defeating Christina the Sun Priestess

With both the Furnace and Glass recipe now in our possession, our next task is to go and farm Quartz.

We can find Quartz in the Dunley Farmlands region. Here look for white coloured crystals.

Once you are done farming for Quartz we can then return to base and create the glass, using the Furnace.


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