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As you continue through the world of V Rising, you might occasionally come across various Silver Coins. These seem a bit confusing at first. However, they can actually be used to purchase goods from merchants.

Silver Coins are said to drop from various humanoid targets and can be found inside plundrered treasure chests.

Now in order to make use of these strange coins, which are practically the in-game currency at this point. We will need to defeat a certain boss known as Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor has the ability to reward us with a special power known as Human Form. With this particular power we can then transform into a humanoid.

Now head out into the wilderness and transform and use the Human Form ability. This will then allow us to approach and speak to other humanoid characters.

Some of the humanoid characters that we come across can actually be merchant dealers, who are willing to trade with us. You can tell if they are traders or not as they will often have little brown bag icons next to their name.

The merchant dealers sell all kinds of different goods such as Crude Emerald, Crude Amethyst, Blood Rose Seed, Fire Blossom Seed, Snow Flower Seed, Hell’s Clarion Spores, Mourning Lilly Seed, Crude Miststone, Crude Ruby, Crude Sapphire, and Crude Topaz. Most of which are used for crafting.

We can purchase any goods by using the Silver Coins.


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