V Rising – Leandra The Shadow Priestess (V Blood Carrier) Location Guide

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Leandra The Shadow Priestess is another V Blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the Blood Hunt mission

From there we can then begin searching for Leandra The Shadow Priestess

Leandra The Shadow Priestess is a level 46 mission quest that can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. The same way as we did to search for the Alpha Wolf

By interacting with the Blood Altar we can then proceed to track and search for our target.

You can find and locate Leandra the Shadow Priestess over at the Church of the Damned

Leandra is mainly a mage ranged attacker, so expect plenty of projectile damage heading in your direction.

She can also cast a black aura in to the area. When she does this it will become more trickier to move around as half of the screen will be covered. A sense of being blind so to speak. During this time she will also summon several of her minions too.


There are few creatures on the face of Vardoran as ancient as Leandra. Some say whatever dark power she acts as a conduit for simply refuses to let her pass into death. Some whispers, quieter and less daring, suggest she was once one of Dracula’s most trusted advisors.

REWARD: Spectral Assassin (Powers), Jewelcrafting Table (Structure), Scourge Pendant (Recipe), Scourgestone (Recipe), Skeleton Priest (Recipe)


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