Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : All Report File (Moore’s Apartment) Locations Guide

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Being a detective game there are plenty of juicy report files to find and collect. This, of course, also comes in very handy when trying to deduce what type of incident may have occurred.

These report files are literally hidden everywhere. They also come as part of the Moore’s Apartment chapter mission objective, Gather the reports about the Primogen

There is a total of 5 report files that we can find here

FILE: Richard Dunham
GUIDE: This file can be found and located within a locked safe in Moore’s Office. Simply interact with the computer to reveal the safe. We can then find the password

FILE: Jara Drory
GUIDE: We can actually get the Jara Drory report file by speaking to Officer Lehane, who is going through the financial records.

FILE: Dejan Siaka
GUIDE: In order to get this one we will be required to find and use the key to the archives (Key to Jason Moore’s archives). We can find this key inside the desk drawer in Moore’s Office.

From there use the key to unlock the door, that is also inside this room. After unlocking this room we can then find the report file.

FILE: Berel Underwood
GUIDE: Head to Moore’s bedroom up on the second floor. You can find this file on the bed

FILE: Hilda MacAndrews
GUIDE: Head to Moore’s bedroom on the second floor and you will be able to find the Car Keys. From there proceed to speak with Ethan Adams back on the ground floor, ask him about the parking garage. We should then acquire the Caretaker’s magnetic keycard

Use the elevator to ride on down to the parking lot. When we arrive we can then find a black vehicle, open it using the key to acquire the file that we need.


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