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If you continue searching around the office room in Moore’s Apartment, you may find yourself coming across a safe. It is actually hiding behind a large picture.

We can move this picture and reveal the safe by interacting with the computer in the room.

However, since we are messing with a safe we will be required to find a password before we can proceed to open it.

Whilst controlling the character of Galeb we will be able to explore Moore’s Apartment, this includes his office. It is inside this office that we can find the necessary safe.

So let us head to Moore’s Office and when we arrive be sure to interact with the computer in the room. This should then move a picture on the wall to reveal the safe.

As we are dealing with a safe we will, of course, need a password in order to open it.

Okay, let us search for the password.

On the second floor of Moore’s Apartment there will be a room with a large stuffed rabbit inside. Find it and examine the room.

The password to the safe can actually be found on the wall, where there will be several photos. One of which is a little girl celebrating her birthday (Happy Birthday June!)

We should now have our password. So return to the safe in the office and insert the password code (040911)

We will now be rewarded with Confidential Files – Richard Dunham. This will be connected to the Dr. Richard Dunham objective.


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