Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : How To Unlock The Security Door (Scene 6 – Long Island) Guide

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In scene 6 of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong we will find ourselves being tasked with infiltrating the base on Long Island.

Whilst controlling the character of Galeb we will stumble across a locked security door. Despite the poor efforts of Agent Ford, this door just does not want to budge.

This will be part of the Find Walter Standford and Get a red implant mission objectives.

In order to progress we will need to get this door open, unfortunately though at present it refuses to budge. Feel free to speak with Agent Ford, who is apparently waiting patiently for the door to open. Yes, I feel he will have a long wait.

In order to get this door open we will first need to inspect the large computer screen in the room, Implant Database. Galeb will mention that he needs an implant, one from the Society of St. Leopold.

After inspecting the large computer screen Agent Ford will then move away from the control panel. We will now be able to try and solve the puzzle in order to open the door.

Inspect the control panel and we will now have several switches that we can push. Apparently this control panel is currently set at 585V. We need to change that and set it to 220V

We can do this by experimenting with the various ON OFF switches. Each switch represents a number when interacted with. So play around with each switch and use the volt number at the bottom to work out which number the switches represent.

The puzzle to this door is always meant to be at 220V. However, working out which switches need to be interacted with in order to reach that number is random.

With that go ahead and pull the lever and watch the security door now open, allowing us to continue on.


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