Watch Dogs – Legion : All 15 Relic Locations (Magpie) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion has many hidden trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one such trophy achievement is Magpie

Magpie requires players to of Collected all Relics

Though there is in fact 49 Relics altogether, you only need 15 for the trophy/achievement. As there are quite a few to collect and you don’t even need half of them, this should actually be quite an easy one.

Okay let us begin!

  • #1
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Vauxhall Bridge
  • RELIC: Platform Shoe 1/3
  • It can be found next to the bridge and by the water
  • #2
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Lambeth Bridge
  • RELIC: Mobile Phone 1/4
  • This one will require you to take out your Spiderbot.
  • The actual relic will be underneath a small walkway
  • #3
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – The Earl’s Fortune
  • RELIC: Floppy Disk
  • This one can be found under the set of stairs that the hooded man tends to sit on.
  • #4
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Duck Island Cottage
  • RELIC: Scooter Headlamp
  • This one can be found next to the building, you will likely need to use both an Air Drone and your Spiderbot for this
  • #5
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Horse Guards Parade
  • RELIC: Lead Soldier
  • This one will also requite the Air Drone and Spiderbot.
  • With your Spiderbot take it through the small vent on the ground (marked above)
  • Follow the vent to the next relic
  • #6
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – St. James’s Square
  • RELIC: Prototype (Optik 0.1)
  • This one can be found to the right of the gates, amongst the shrubbery.
  • #7
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – The National Gallery
  • RELIC: DedSec Bracelet
  • This one can be found just under the stairs here
  • #8
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – The Sanford Theatre
  • RELIC: Fake DedSec Business Card
  • For this one find and search for the Ye Olde Grill
  • Opposite this there should be a silver rail and beyond it is an area with some ladders, the relic is in here
  • #9
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Thorne’s Felts
  • RELIC: DedSec Bracelet 2/5
  • This is yet another one that requires an Air Drone and a Spiderbot
  • The relic can be found on top of the small roof
  • #10
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Regalia Theatre
  • RELIC: Masquerade Ball Prop
  • This one can be found on the balcony of the Theatre (Look for the rather large steel chains)
  • #11
  • LOCATION: Camden – The British Museum
  • RELIC: 17th Century Medical Saw
  • Another one that requires both an Air Drone and Spiderbot
  • It can be found to the right of the Museum entrance by the security camera and guard
  • #12
  • LOCATION: Camden – Senate House Library
  • RELIC: Prototype (Optik 0.1) 2/4
  • This one can be found behind a locked security door.
  • You will need to solve the puzzle on the floor in order to unlock it.
  • You can rotate and position the manhole covers in order to form a circle and change the red covers to blue
  • NOTE: There is another manhole cover hidden under the vehicle, use your Spiderbot if you can’t find it.
  • Once you have solved the puzzle, the door will unlock. Use your Spiderbot in order to get inside.
  • #13
  • LOCATION: Camden – Camden Market
  • RELIC: Scooter Headlamp (1/5)
  • Again using the Air Drone and your Spiderbot
  • Lob a Spiderbot into the building and take control of it
  • Once inside jump onto the roof of the extension (as seen above) The extension will actually have an empty bed inside of it
  • Follow this rooftop to the next area
  • The relic can be found on the wooden walkway
  • #14
  • LOCATION: Camden – ETO Bank Construction Site
  • RELIC: Bartmann Jug 1/5
  • Once you have located where the relic is there should be an open window that you can either use an Air Drone to get through or your trusty Spiderbot
  • #15
  • LOCATION: Camden – The British Library
  • RELIC: Nineteen Eighty-Four 1/3
  • Again feel free to use an Air Drone and a Spiderbot in order to obtain this one
  • The relic can be found underneath a small table


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