Watch Dogs – Legion : Tech Point Location (Camden – High Street) Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion features many different collectibles, one of which are the various different Tech Points that can be found

This specific guide will show you how and where to find the Tech Point in Camden – High Street

There are a total of 130 Tech Points to find altogether. Each Tech Point you find helps you towards gear upgrades.

Okay let us begin!

  • At the Connecting London. Connecting You and In Good Hands sign boards continue North so that these boards pass you on the right
  • Once you arrive at the Old Reservoir head down the tunnel and past a security camera opposite
  • Passing through the tunnel you will now find yourself at a Car Park
  • Here climb up and on top of the orange and black machine on the left
  • Ride this machine up
  • Once at the top get off and climb up the nearby orange coloured pipe
  • Here is where you will find the Tech Point sitting on a table


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