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White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a survival horror game that features students exploring a haunted school, filled with ghosts and puzzles.

As you continue to explore the haunted school you will be able to unlock many different trophies and achievements, these include; Exorcist and Voice of a Ghost.

These specific trophies and achievements requires us to encounter all of the different ghosts within Yeondu High School, and complete the ghost collection.

There is a total of 20 ghosts that we can come across altogether. Some of these ghosts are hidden and may require you to perform a certain task, collect a certain item, or even be playing on a specific game difficulty. Whilst other ghosts, are of course, story related.

This page will be focused on locating all 20 ghosts so that you can earn those much needed trophies and achievements. It will also include each of the backstories for each ghost spirit too as a lot of them are rather interesting and tragic. The backstories help describe how these spirits became spirits and what happened to them.

HIDDEN GHOST: Vengeful Spirit Of A Housemother
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F
GUIDE: Head to the men’s bathroom and you will find a pack of cigarettes on the toilet cubicle, take these cigarettes in order to trigger the ghost.

The housemother can be seen in mirrors if you equip your flashlight. She goes around with a pair of scissors.

When the school was first established there was a housemistress named Miss. C. She was feared by students due to her strict discipline. A rumour goes around that Miss. C. killed a female student who had fallen out of a window.

Miss. C. was not happy about this false rumour and it lead to her dark depression. Students then began to rebel against her.

Her dark depression lead her to dragging a female student, who happened to have longer hair than the school permitted, into the bathroom in order to cut her hair with a pair of scissors.

Students cornered Miss. C. in the bathroom and began to bully and insult her. Miss. C. then snapped and left the school.

Her body was then later found cold and dead on a nearby mountainside.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Invisible Voice / Fox Spirit
LOCATION: Main Building 2
GUIDE: After exploring the New Building head back to the Main Building 2. Do NOT pick up the Spirit-Bell otherwise the ghost will not spawn.

When you return to the Main Building 2 we will find ourselves in a repeating passageway. In the background you should be able to hear someone singing, this is the ghost of The Invisible Voice.

In this passageway we will be able to spot claw marks on the wall, which is fitting as the ghost’s alternative name is actually Fox Spirit. So these claw marks proves that our ghost is animalistic.

This specific ghost is based on the Korean folklore, Kumiho. Which is said to be a beautiful woman who goes around seducing boys and feeding on their hearts.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Lying Female Student
LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 1F
GUIDE: Head to the Night Duty Room and you will see a female student on the floor, by the desk. Inspect them and they will disappear.

We will then be able to spot this female student once again, this time at the 2F – New Building, inside classrooms 3.3, 3.6, and 3.9. Inspect her at all of these locations to complete this one.

The Lying Female Student is actually named Ji-Hye and is the girlfriend to Myeong Ho. Her story takes place after their love affair came to an end.

It is said that Myeong Ho tried repeatedly to get back together but she kept refusing him. This then lead to Myeong Ho becoming enraged.

Myeong Ho then approached Ji-Hye with a knife in order to scare her and amend his wounded ego.

HIDDEN GHOST: Woman In The Locker / Woman In The Cabinet
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F
GUIDE: Head to the classroom 2-4 and equip the lighter. The lighter is the trigger for this one. Proceed to interact with the lockers in the room.

The woman in the locker was punished and locked inside a tiny closet during the Japanese occupation of Korea. She was tortured due to her husband managing to dodge conscription during the war, due to this was she was used to get information regarding his location. Still, despite her struggles she remained silent.

HIDDEN GHOST: Bloodthirsty Tree
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: Head to the 2-2 classroom and there will be a scene involving Lee Hui-min and Han So-yeong. The Bloodthirsty Tree will then imprison So-yeong.

Defeat the Bloodthirsty Tree.

The story behind this ghost relates to a teacher named Mr. B, who lived his days feeling emotionally sad and lonely. He never interacted with his fellow teachers or students, and his only real interest was maintaining and tending to his plants.

One day a student accidentally spilled chemicals on Mr. B’s favourite plant. Knowing that the plant will likely shrivel and die, the student tried to replace the plant and destroy the evidence.

Unfortunately before this could happen Mr. B found out and in a crazy state ran to be with his beloved plant. They were both then engulfed in flames to be eternally reunited in death.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Baby’s Soul
LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 2F
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: Head to the 2F floor of the Main Building 2 and enter the Lost & Found Room. Here we will encounter The Baby’s Soul, otherwise known as Diary Keeper’s Baby.

The Baby’s Soul is actually a deceased unborn child that belonged to a student. Who was in love with the art teacher at the school.

Unfortunately, when their romantic love affair was discovered this then lead to the art teacher being fired. However, the student had already fallen pregnant.

When the art teacher was informed, he then told her to get rid of the baby. He even scolded her and told her that he never wants to see her again.

The student then decided to kill herself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Her unborn baby now roams the halls of the school

HIDDEN GHOST: The Girl Outside The Window
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 2F
DIFFICULTY: Hard Difficulty
GUIDE: In order to trigger this spirit you will need to collect the Love Letter, which can be found near the stairs

From there head south of the Main Building 1 2F floor, near the Hiking Club corridor. If you inspect the windows in this corridor you should notice some hand prints. Keep looking at these hand prints for a good few minutes.

This ghost is known as Da-Som, a student who was found dead in the school pond. The pond, in which, was said to be cursed as it was formed by a crater left by a bomb that was dropped during the Korean war.

Before the bomb hit there were several refugees camped around the area. The ghosts of these now fallen refugees are said to be haunting the school pond.

Another story relating to the pond comes from writing love letters, hence why we need to collect it in order to trigger this spirit.

It is believed that if you write a love letter to your crush asking them to come to the pond and they show up then you will live happily ever after. However, if you do not turn up then you will die by the pond’s curse.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Starved Ghost
LOCATION: New Building – 1F
GUIDE: In order for this one to trigger we will need to collect 2 Lunch Boxes. We can find one in the School Store room in the New Building – 1F

From there remain in the School Store room and you will find a dinner plate, interact with it and place the lunch boxes here. This will then allow the Starved Ghost from behind the counter to grab the lunch boxes.

Make sure the ghost takes both lunch boxes.

The ghost of Young-Mee was very sensitive regarding her appearance. She would look into the mirror and see herself as being over weight.

Her paranoia regarding her weight caused her to stop eating. This self abuse continued until she was only skin and bones.

Her body was eventually found in the nearby mountains

HIDDEN GHOST: The Girl With A Hidden Face
LOCATION: New Building – Music Appreciation Room
GUIDE: This next ghost can be found in the Music Appreciation Room which is located in the New Building.

Use the Yin-Yang Token in order for the ghost to begin singing. Keep using the token on her until she turns towards you. The light from the token vanquishes the spirit but we need to keep using it on her and be quick about it. If we are not quick with using the token we will take damage.

The Girl With A Hidden Face is actually known as Eun-ah, who was once a bully that made fun of another student’s appearance.

This then lead to the victim taking their revenge by throwing acid at Eun-ah’s face. Eun-ah was once the most beautiful student in the school, until the acid incident that is.

Eun-ah now had half of her face burnt due to the acid and this made her a recluse and she ended up shutting herself away from the outside world.

After spending quite a bit of time in the darkness of her own bedroom, Eun-ah’s eyesight became weak. She eventually jumped off the rooftop of the family home.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Library Ghost
LOCATION: New Building – 4F (Reading Room)
GUIDE: In order to unlock this ghost sighting we will need to make sure we find and pick up the A Report Card (2nd In Class). We can get this from the lockers in the Main Building 1 – 1F and heading to classroom 2-5.

Once you have the Report Card we then need to head to the New Building and make our way to the Reading Room on floor 4F.

Inside the Reading Room there will be a book on the table, inspect it and slowly turn your attention to the opposite end of this table to find our spirit.

Kyoung – Hee is the library spirit, who lived with a family struggling for money. When her father tragically passed she was forced to find a source of income in order to help with the money worries.

She was expected to go to a vocational high school in order to get this money but Kyoung-Hee had a different idea. Instead she went against her mother’s wishes.

Kyoung-Hee decided that the best way to get money was to study really hard and finish school at the top of her class so that she could then qualify and get a place in college. Unfortunately though, despite her best efforts to study, Kyound-Hee would always remain second best in her class. Second to another student named Sae-yeon.

Kyoung-Hee became frustrated and confused and was ultimately driven to study harder and harder. So hard in fact that she eventually became sick and exhausted each day.

It was after Sae-yeon had once again bested Kyoung-Hee at a recent class test that would finally see our library girl decline even further. Kyoung-Hee felt like she had failed her family and resigned herself to a life of poverty. This ended up causing her to become mentally unstable. So unstable that she eventually turned to suicide.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Kid Solving A Problem
DIFFICULTY: Hard Difficulty
GUIDE: For this ghost we need to collect the chalk and Bloody Workbook. We can find the Bloody Workbook in the Broadcasting Room (Main Building 1 – 2F). Whilst the chalk is located in classroom 2-8.

In the classroom next to the chalk room (classroom 2-7) we will find the spirit of Na-Hye trying to solve a problem on the chalk board.

Na-Hye was a perfect student with perfect grades that was adored by her teacher. However, her fellow students disliked her and considered her as somewhat of a teacher’s pet.

It was during class where her teacher called her up to perform a simple maths problem on the chalk board. Unfortunately for Na-Hye, she ended up getting this problem incorrect and ultimately failed to solve it.

The teacher was surprised that the star student managed to get such an easy problem wrong and decided to teach her some humility. This meant that Na-Hye was scolded right in front of the entire class.

Na-Hye quickly became embarrassed as her fellow students laughed and taunted her. The student became so upset over the situation that she began blaming her eyes. Claiming that her eyes had failed her. That she had read the question wrong.

So after class Na-Hye took a knife and dug both her eyeballs out.

HIDDEN GHOST: Haunted Head
DIFFICULTY: Normal Difficulty
GUIDE: This particular ghost appears at random throughout your adventures through the school. Her presence can be heard with a sudden eerie sound before she then materializes.

The spirit of the Haunted Head is a rather disturbing one, which all started with a couple of construction workers.

These construction workers were renovating the school when they failed to properly secure the safety nets. A local woman happened to walk beneath it when the net collapsed, severing her head.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Attendance Ghost
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 2F (Classroom 2-11)
DIFFICULTY: Hard Difficulty
GUIDE: In order to trigger this spirit we need to find and acquire the Gym Teacher’s Cap. We can find the cap by looking inside the cabinet of the Gym Storage Room on the 2F floor of the Main Building 1.

From there head to classroom 2-11. This one is rather similar to the Library Girl spirit in terms of having to inspect a book on the table in order for the spirit to appear (though in this case it is an attendance sheet)

Yeon-Sun was a quiet, shy, and overweight individual who was treated with disdain by both her teachers and fellow students.

However, there was one teacher who would sometimes try to respect Yeon-Sun and give her compliments. This teacher was apparently tall and handsome, who never yelled or got angry with his students. He was also the one who filled the role as the Korean language teacher.

Yeon-Sun slowly began to have feelings for this teacher and one day got the courage to write him a heartfelt letter, expressing her love for him. She then slipped this letter into the attendance sheet for him to find.

However, the following day the teacher ended up running a bit late and was temporarily replaced by the gym teacher instead. The gym teacher had always been cruel to Yeon-Sun and took pleasure in reading her personal letter to the entire class.

Yeon-Sun was struck with embarrassment and shame. She hoped that when the Korean teacher finally showed up, that he would be supportive towards her. Unfortunately, when he finally did show up he read her letter and turned to her expressing a mixture of disgust and anger.

Devastated Yeon-Sun then turned to suicide.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Me In The Mirror / Doppleganger
LOCATION: New Building (Dance Room)
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: This one is story related and requires us to insert a CD into the stereo. In order to defeat the spirit we need to use the stereo speakers to destroy the mirror

This is the story of two twin sisters Yae-Eun and Yae-Ji, both of whom loved to dance and perform. However, as the school’s dance department was quite prestigious there would be a show once a year, where those who landed the main role would have their careers kickstarted into stardom.

This then forced both Yae-Eun and Yae-Ji into fierce competition to land that leading role. Whilst both were great dancers, it was Yae-Ji that usually got the better praise and reviews. Yae-Eun became jealous and was not happy at always finding herself being second best.

Through her jealousy and realising that it would most likely be Yae-Ji that would be chosen for the leading role in the dance show, Yae-Eun decided to fill Yae-Ji’s dancing shoes with glass in an attempt to cut her feet so that she would be unable to perform.

Yae-Ji, did unfortunately end up with bad feet and was indeed unable to perform. All went as Yae-Eun predicted. This then lead to Yae-Eun getting that all important role in the dance show.

Yae-Eun then managed to become a teenage dance celebrity overnight. By contrast Yae-Ji ended up falling into despair and was desperate to live up to her sister’s new found fame. She then refused to let her wounds heal and kept trying to perform until she injured her feet beyond repair. They had become infected and she eventually died.

Yae-Eun was haunted by the news. She knew she had driven her sister to an early grave. One night whilst rehearsing in the dance room, Yae-Eun noticed something about her reflection in the mirror. Her ballet shoes were covered in blood.

This was because the reflection in the mirror was not actually her, instead it was the reflection of her twin sister, Yae-Ji. The ghost’s doppleganger was trying to copy Yae-Eun and make her feel bad regarding her deceased sister. The doppleganger’s very words were ‘I’ve been copying you perfectly so far sister. Now Its your turn. You copy me now’

Yae-Eun then proceeded to strangle herself to death.

HIDDEN GHOST: Spider Ghost
LOCATION: New Building
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: We will randomly come across this one whilst exploring the classrooms within the New Building.

The backstory for this one involves a student named So-Hee, who suffered with arachnophobia (a fear of spiders). Though the school seemed to be a nesting ground for the little spider critters, thankfully the classroom in which So-Hee found herself in was bug free.

One thing that was peculiar to So-Hee was a fellow student in her class. A student who had long black hair that often hung over her face. She never moved and barely spoke.

The strange student often reminded So-Hee of a spider due to her appearance and the fact that she even managed to catch her feasting on a moth.

One day the strange girl vanished, never to return to class again. So-Hee found it strange but eventually forgot about her altogether. Until one night.

One day when everyone had already left school, except for So-Hee who returned to the classroom in order to collect her textbook. However, as she went to collect this textbook she noticed something terrifying. The spider-like girl had returned and was perched on the wall like a spider.

Before So-Hee could cry out in terror, the spider ghost rushed towards her, wrapping its long hair around her and pulling her upwards. So-Hee was never seen again

HIDDEN GHOST: Face Filled With Hatred
LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 2F (Men’s Bathroom)
DIFFICULTY: Hard Difficulty
GUIDE: Head to the men’s bathroom on the 2F floor of the Main Building 1. Whilst inside the bathroom simply head to the very end toilet cubical and crouch down.

As you remain crouched down you will hear a voice in the distance, someone or something is searching around the different rooms. Eventually they will decide to venture into the bathroom. Wait until this happens.

This one involves best friends Eyn-Ju and Young-Hee, who eventually grew apart over a boy they both had feelings for.

Eyn-Ju had no idea that her crush attended the same church as Young-Hee when one day, whilst Eyn-Ju and Young-Hee were together she ended up talking about her feelings for him. Young-Hee opted to keep her relationship with the crush and the fact she already knew him quiet.

Some time later Eyn-Ju spotted Young-Hee with the boy on a park bench, they seemed very close. In a jealous rage Eyn-Ju demanded to meet with Young-Hee on the school roof to talk things over.

This then lead to an argument between both female students and Eyn-Ju pushing Young-Hee off the building and to her death.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Woman Who Hanged Herself
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: This one will occur during random times throughout the game. One of these times is when Sung-A runs off claiming to have heard something. We are then tasked with two optional routes that we can take. We can either Go after Sung-A or Go to where the sound is coming from. Choose the Go to where the sound is coming from option.

The hanging woman’s story is one that is tied to the game’s story. She is the ghost of a student that hung herself.

One day she was scheduled to meet with one of her friends outside of the Home Economics classroom. However, she never showed.

There was then a fire in the Home Economics room, which had unfortunately killed the friend who had been waiting patiently.

The news of this and the screams of her friend’s plea for help began to haunt her and as the days went by she began to hear the ghostly call of her friend more and more often. The voice was angry and resentful. This then filled her with guilt for not having showed up.

Eventually this all became too much and so she chose to hang herself.

HIDDEN GHOST: A Living Mannequin
LOCATION: Main Building – Biology Lab
DIFFICULTY: Hard Difficulty
GUIDE: In order to awaken the mannequin you will need to head to the Biology Lab over in the Main Building. From there just keep running around the room until you are near exhaustion and the screen becomes all fuzzy.

When this happens simply interact with the burner on the table next to the mannequin.

The story for this one is that Yeondu High School was not always used for education, in fact it was a concentration camp during the Japanese occupation of Korea for political prisoners.

It is said that many of the rooms were used for human experimentation, where prisoners underwent vile and inhumane acts of torture all in the name of science.

The biology lab is one such room that was used for these human experimentation. Some say that the mannequin in the room was once a real person.

HIDDEN GHOST: The Shadow In The Water / Mermaid
LOCATION: New Building (Swimming Pool)
DIFFICULTY: N/A – Story Related
GUIDE: This one is story related and occurs when Lee Hee-Min must cross the school swimming pool using a pair of L-Rods.

The grounds of Yeondu High School featured a big pond full of large ancient fish. Some of these fish were said to be able to understand humans. One student in particular seemed to have an affinity for them, this student was named D.

The female student was then put in charge of maintaining the pond and feeding the fish each day. The fish seemed to be very fond of her.

One day a local bad boy turned up and asked D out on a date, to which she denied. An argument then kicked off and the bully felt like his ego had been bruised.

During this argument and in the heat of the moment the bully pushed D into the pond. D unfortunately ended up hitting her head on a large rock, which instantly killed her.

HIDDEN GHOST: Grandmother Ghost
LOCATION: New Building – 3F
GUIDE: This ghost spirit appears on the indoor bridge of the 3F New Building. As we cross this bridge we will suddenly be frozen to the spot and the Grandmother Ghost will try to speak to us.

Her origin dates back to the times when the school was used as a refugee camp. Back then she would take many of the orphaned children under her wing and began caring for them.

One day the children along with the Grandmother vanished. After a week had passed a search party attempted to try and look for them.

They eventually happened to find an old run down shack. Once inside this shack the search party was greeted by the smell of rotten flesh and the sight of tiny bones strewn across the floor. They belonged to the missing children.

The Grandmother was never found.


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