Wolfenstein Cyberpilot : Guillotine (Hitler Statue) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot has many different Trophies and Achievements to unlock including Guillotine. This requires you to destroy or knock off the head of a certain statue.

Now it can possibly be tricky to determine which statue this is unless you are specifically seeking it out and are close enough to see what exactly the statue is, there are also many different ones within the game.

However, the one you are looking for is a statue of Adolf Hitler. Now the statue has no real distinguishing features for example it has no Nazi colours, symbols or anything hence why I said it could be tricky to find. It also only appears once during the game too.

As you can see from the images above, the statue does not really look like him. It just looks like a basic statue holding something. 

Anyway the statue appears during the first mission where you control the Zitadelle. After progressing for a bit you will come across the area (as seen in the above pictures)

Keep shooting at it and eventually the head will fall off (as seen in pictures above). It may take a few attempts to shoot it off, I actually couldn’t remove the head without first dealing with the enemy soldiers first.

But after beheading the statue, the trophy achievement should pop!

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