Wolfenstein Cyberpilot : Protector (Defend The Cockpit) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot has many different Trophies and Achievements that you can unlock including, Protector. This involves defending your allies base of operations from enemy soldiers.
This event only happens once during the game and can be missed.

It occurs during the very last mission in the game where you get to use all of your acquired machines like the Drone and Zitadelle.  

Eventually you will come to a room where you will need to use the Drone in order to hack computers and switch to the other machines in order to progress the story.
First time in the room using the Drone, you will see the mechanical structure alone in the room, this is where your allies are stationed. Yes, this is where they are magically hovering. 
Now progress the story a bit and on your return visit you will hear some gunfire, this is the sound of enemy soldiers trying to destroy the ”cockpit” of where your allies are stationed. (Images above)

Simply defeat them (of which there are three of them) in order to unlock this one. 

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