Wolfenstein Cyberpilot : Pièce de Résistance (Favourite Toy) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot has many different Trophies and Achievements including, Piece de Resistance. Which requires you to show off your favourite ‘doll’ to the computer terminal.

There are many different ‘dolls’ to choose from as the game progresses but you can only pick one of them. Nothing happens and there is no special toy that grants additional dialogue or anything, simply pick your favourite. 

The event happens after the power goes out and you are tasked with getting the power back on. Once you have done so the Computer will then ask to show off your favourite ‘doll’, simply pick it up to complete this one.
Of course the ‘dolls’ are only available on 3F, so be sure to be on that specific floor first! You cannot miss the ‘dolls’ are they only appear on this floor and no where else. 

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