Wolfenstein Cyberpilot : Unafraid (Drone Mission / Cloaking Device) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot has many different Trophies / Achievements to unlock one of which is Unafraid. Which requires to complete the Drone Mission without using the Cloaking ability. 

The Cloaking ability is activated via the button on the left and turns the Drone you are riding in to full on invisible for a set period of time. 
Another way to tell if you are in Cloak form is the fact that you will see the windows of the Drone go all strange with a mesh of waving lines and such that surrounds the window (as seen below). 

The Drone mission is the first mission you get a chance to fly your newly acquired toy. The mission itself requires you to sneak past security and head into the enemies main offices. 

Now I’m not sure if this a bug or something but I wasn’t exactly aiming for this Trophy Achievement when I somehow managed to achieve this one. In fact I even used the Cloaking ability on a number of times. The odd thing is despite using the Cloaking ability I still somehow got the Trophy Achievement, hence why I’m not sure it is a bug or something.

However, for the most part the mission is not exactly difficult to get through without using it as the enemies are always stationed in the same place, so if you do end up with having to retry you can always plan a better strategy knowing this.

Always take advantage of the ability to go up and down as you sneak your way through the mission. Of course you can try and be like me and use Cloaking, who knows you may get lucky and unlock the Trophy Achievement this way too.

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