Wolfenstein Youngblood: Silent Outpost (Side Mission / Quest) Guide

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Wolfenstein Youngblood has many optional side missions to complete, such as Silent Outpost. Silent Outpost is available from the beginning of the game when you first encounter the Catacombs, which acts as your team base.

It involves having to search for members of the Resistance who has not been heard from or seen in a while. It also activates when you first encounter the character Dmitri who is the actual mission quest giver. 

After talking with him your first objective will be to travel to Detention Area 4 to search for the missing members of the Resistance. 

As you get nearer to your objective you will notice some enemy soldiers and your objective will change and you now need to dispatch 16 of them, who now block your way. 

After dealing with those you will realise the the whole entire Resistance Outpost has been overrun by Nazi and once again your mission objective will change, its time to head for Little Berlin

The mission marker on the mini-map will take you to some stairs in which you need to climb, do so and jump over the rail and through the window to get to the item objective.
In this room you will see a red Audio Log, you need to smash the glass that covers it in order to then obtain it. After doing so you will then find out that the area is again overrun by Nazi and the main culprit for the Resistance murders is elsewhere, your next location is Victory Boulevard.  

Here the quest marker will take you to steps, this is where you will find the culprit wearing some rather odd headgear. Defeat him teach him a lesson and then return to Dmitri to end the mission.

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