Wolfenstein Youngblood : All Collectible Locations (Chapter 1 – Der Nachtfalter) Guide

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Wolfenstein Youngblood has many different collectibles to find and collect such as Readables, Concept Art, 3D Glasses and more!
If you manage to collect them all you will net several different trophies / achievements such as 3-DAudiophileLibrarian and Hacker.

There are several to find all of which are scattered all throughout the game. Warning though in order for the Floppy Disks to count you need to decode it at a Floppy Terminal.

Below is a guide of where to find each collectible found within Chapter 1 – Der Nachtfalter

  • #1 Cassette Tape / Cover

This one can be found after the giant gunfight and after you find out about the best methods of taking down armoured soldiers are.
You will see many arcade cabinets and two rooms with levers in, the Tape is in one of these rooms.

  • #1 Floppy Disk

This one is required for story progression and thus cannot be missed.

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