Wolfenstein Youngblood : Rescue Marianne (Side Quest Mission) Guide

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Wolfenstein Youngblood has many different side missions you can take on and complete, one of which requires you to rescue Marianne who is apparently in a Hospital.

Marianne is the friend of the character Anais, whom is already a part of the team in the Catacombs. Marianne was captured and taken to the Hospital in Little Berlin and they are apparently going to brainwash her and turn her into a Nazi robot.

The mission first becomes available after completing the mission, Riverside. From there it can be received from Anais who is in the area next to the bar within the Catacombs.

After speaking with Anais and accepting the mission, you can now travel to Little Berlin. Warning though, the area may be tough if you have yet to complete the main story taking you to Brother 2 first. You can still however, complete the mission without having already done so.

​Venturing through Little Berlin, you should eventually come across an area with a huge stage in the middle of the street which is being guarded by enemy soldiers.
​Another way to tell if your in the correct area is the fact that your team mate will let you know and there will be several Drum Kits in the area too.

Here there are also many different buildings so it may be difficult to pinpoint which is actually the Hospital. However, if you look for a small arch with the words Klein-Berlin, you will be going in the right direction. Inside it will look less like a Hospital and more of a building site which may throw you off. Eventually though, it will look somewhat like a Hospital.
You will also be attacked by men in white coats too and yet more enemy soldiers.

Whilst exploring the Hospital you will also come across an open elevator and in this said elevator will be a hole in the ceiling in which you can climb through to reach the higher level of the Hospital. There are also civilians you can rescue on this section of the floor too, engage with them to rescue them.

After activating the levers you will notice Marianne strapped to a bed. The objective will now change to Power Down Surgery Room
You can find said Surgery Room by going downstairs and heading to the end of the corridor. Activate the levers here to free Marianne.

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