(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : Fantasy Zone (100000 Points) Completion Guide

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In order to get 100% Completion and the almighty Perfectionist trophy achievement, you will need to complete the Fantasy Zone mini-game section, which requires players to score a minimum of 100000 points or more

Fantasy Zone pits players controlling a little space ship and the longer this ship remains alive and in-tact the more points you accumulate when the game ends.
However, in order to progress and score much higher and the bigger points you will need to start blasting at the enemies that spawn and once all of those are defeated you can then progress and encounter the stage boss.

This one took a bit of time to complete as I was never any good at Fantasy Zone, despite it being one of my very first games on the old Mega Drive. That was until I figured something out which made things so much more easier..

Below is a video guide on how I finally accomplished this and fulfilled a childhood dream of finally escaping the first stage ha!

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