(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : OutRun (5000000 Points) Completion Guide

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In order to get 100% Completion and the almighty Perfectionist trophy achievement, you will need to complete the Outrun mini-game section, which requires players to score a minimum of 5000000 points or more

Outrun is a racing game that pits players against the clock in an attempt to get as far along the race track before the timer runs out, the further you get the higher the score you accumulate at the end of the game.
However, the game isn’t as simple and easy as it may sound as the race track often compromises of tight turns which can cause you to come off the track and crash, all the while the clock doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. 

This one also took me quite a bit of time to complete as even when I was much younger and played this game at the Arcade I was never any good at racing games, forever crashing and going off-track.

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