Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Shared Vision (Substory/Side Quest) Guide

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon has many different side quests or substories that you can try to find and complete, one of which is Shared Vision

This substory / side quest is triggered during Chapter 15 – To The Pinnacle

It involves bonding with Eri

  • LOCATION: Isezaki Iljincho, Ichiban Holdings
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 15 – To The Pinnacle
  • PREREQUISITE: Get Ichiban Holdings to Rank 1. Max out your Personality Stats


  • In order to trigger this substory you will need to get Ichiban Holdings to Rank 1
  • Another requirement that needs to be met is to max out your Personality Stats. The easiest way to do this is to collect coins at the Dragon Kart and then purchase the book that Fujisawa holds
  • Then after passing the requirements, proceed and head to Ichiban Holdings and speak to Eri. You will then be told to meet back at Survive Bar, do so.
  • When you arrive at Survive Bar, speak to Eri to trigger a scene.
  • The substory will then end when the scene ends


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