Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Theory Of Relative Brutality (Isezaki Iljincho – Intellect Stat Increase Book) Location Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the world of Yakuza: Like A Dragon you will more than likely come across small briefcases.

These briefcases often contain various different items, some of which can help you in your journey.

The Theory Of Relative Brutality Book is one such item that can be found inside a briefcase. This specific book can actually help increase Ichiban’s Intellect Personality Stat

Here is how to find it!

  • ITEM: Theory Of Relative Brutality Book
  • FOUND IN: Briefcase
  • LOCATION: Isezaki Iljincho, Bar District
  • The book can be found at the Bar District and in a small alleyway just under the Bar District writing on the map
  • Here you can also find the Honk Honk girl who will increase some of your Personality Stats and refill your health for 10,000 Yen.
  • There is also a silver locker too that contains a pair of worn-out leather shoes
  • However, if you examine the small briefcase here you can find the Special Theory Of Relative Brutality Book. The book can increase Ichiban’s Intellect by 50


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