Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Where To Find Insects (Moth, Butterfly, Spider, Scorpion) Location Guide

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When you finally arrive at Chapter 5 – The Liumang Man you will inevitably unlock the Part-time Hero feature

This feature unlocks a ton of new optional side content, one of which is the Support section.

The Support section often requires the player to run errands which involves searching and collecting various different insects. Insects including; Stag Beetle, Cockroach, Mantis and more!

Now there are multiple ways of collecting these insects including heading to Hamakita Park and searching through the grass and trees. However, for me and what I personally found to be the easiest way to collect these said insects is to do the following…

Head to the Tin Can mini-game and if you speak to the man here you will be able to exchange points for prizes.

These prizes include pretty much every insect that you will ever need to complete the Support Hero section.

Lets face it playing the Tin Can game is also much more fun than running around into random fights that always have a habit of getting in your way. Plus, you are never guaranteed to get the insect you are looking for.

All you need to do is rack up at least 8000 points in order to exchange your winnings into prizes. Simple right?


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