YS IX – Monstrum Nox : Prison Infiltration (Side Quest) Guide

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Prison Infiltration is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves once again exploring the Prison. It can be found and completed during Chapter 8 – Thus Spoke The Alchemist

  • CLIENT: Shady Dealer Maxim
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • PRIORITY:  3/3 (3 Stars)
  • REWARD: 10000 Gold and Maxim will join the Dandelion team.
  • LOCATION: Dandelion – Bulletin Board
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Thus Spoke The Alchemist
  • In order to begin the quest you will need to inspect the Dandelion Bulletin Board
  • From there, head to the Central District to find Maxim in his usual spot. This time he wants our help, in doing so we need to infiltrate the prison
  • After the scene once again speak to Maxim and choose the Commence Infiltration option to begin!
  • A few more scenes will then play out and it seems the guard that knew the other Adol is also in on this too, hmmm. Anyway soon enough you will gain control once again.
  • Start off by heading up the stairs and then the ladder, you will now be in Penal Labor Center. For now most of the area is very linear and so you should not get lost or anything
  • Keep on heading up to the Central Wing 2F and then continue to swing your way up to the very top of the room
  • We should now be at the West Wing 2F – Shared Cell. The game will quickly hint as to what to do next, if you are still stumped then you need to grapple onto the nearby Chandelier
  • Here you will come across a few familiar faces, yes it is our ‘cough’ clones once again. Maxim will decide to free them and use them as a distraction
  • After the scene head on up the nearby stairs and then up the ladder in order to reach the West Wing – Roof
  • Here head to the Northern end of the area in order to find a grappling spot
  • Grapple your way to East Wing – Roof where yet more guards patrol
  • We will now need to once again use the grapple ability in order to reach the next destination, which is into the nearby window
  • We should now be at the Head Office
  • Continue down the several sets of stairs in order to reach Central Wing 3F and the Special Sector – Salon
  • It is here where you will once again meet up with Maxim.
  • Follow Maxim down the small lift for yet another scene.
  • After the next few scenes the side quest will then end. You will be rewarded with 10000 Gold and Maxim will join the Dandelion team.


  • We’ve got a problem in the prison.
  • I need you all to help me take care of it

Find me in the back alleys of the Central District


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