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Tobacco To Go is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves yet another search through the puzzle and trap ridden Prison. It can be found and completed during Chapter 6 – The Renegade Secret

  • CLIENT: Inmate 906
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • PRIORITY: 3/3 (3 Star)
  • REWARD: 6000 Gold, New ally (Margot)
  • LOCATION: Dandelion – Bulletin Board
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Renegade Secret
  • As with the previous Prison related quests, you can also pick this one up from the Dandelion Bulletin Board
  • Okay with that out of the way, head on down to the Basement of the Dandelion in order to speak to Parks. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as we have had to speak to him the previous times too. Ask About Quest
  • Again as with the past Prison related quests, we will now need to report to Shady Dealer Maxim over at the Central District. Choose the Ask For A Request option
  • The fee for this quest is 1,500 Gold and a Cigar.
  • You can get the Cigar (Premium Gllian Cigar) over at the Main Square. Find and speak to Nora. Thankfully we will get the Cigar for FREE, it was apparently her last one. Choose the option to Talk to her
  • After getting the Cigar you can then return back to Maxim. It is finally time to venture through the Prison once again. Request North Wing Route
  • We are now back with Adol and Xavier, such a cute furball.
  • When you gain control, ignore the nicely placed wooden planks that sits next to the building WE WILL be using these later though, so remember that. Instead for now, you will want to descend the area.
  • We should now be in the South Dumping Ground.
  • If you head into the room on the right you should notice what seems like an empty room, with a luring Treasure Chest. Go in here first.
  • The chest will contain 6000 Gold. However, things are never that simple and now a bunch of enemies will appear. We needed to activate this so don’t worry. This trap was unavoidable.
  • We are now trapped and one of these enemies is a robotic sentry which can only be defeated using the traps. So the idea here is to lure it near the traps on the wall and step on the switches on the floor
  • Keep doing this until the robot is destroyed, it may take some trail and error
  • After that take the left side room now. Here activate the lever and we can progress on
  • There are quite a few robotic enemies in here but we should just ignore them. Instead search through this maze like area for two levers which will open the currently closed gates and allow us to press on. There is also a few chests in here too should you want them, containing x3 Raisins and a Red Cheese
  • Stay Sharp ..ha..ha..ha.. thank you Xavier. Amusing considering we are now in a room with swinging axes and sharp spikes. Try to navigate yourself through it all so we can then continue
  • Now we cannot enter the room with the rotating spike mechanism just yet, as there is a set of spikes blocking our way.
  • Instead, enter the room opposite to meet up with another robotic enemy. There will also be a set of stairs and a lever that you can activate, do so. Nice we now have a bridge we can use
  • I disliked this area for the fact that Adol had a habit of refusing to jump which you can probably see in my video above. Was rather time consuming.
  • Anyway, before heading to the Bridge keep to the above platforms. From the lever we just activated, climb your way to the platform next to you.
  • This way we can pick up a Treasure Chest.
  • The only way to reach said chest is by using the high platforms in the lever room
  • Once you have successfully navigated yourself to the high platforms, follow them into the bridge room.
  • Here you should notice the chest. In order to get it you will need to step on the switch on the floor, this will activate a small platform that you can then use to get across. The chest will contain 2000 Gold
  • Okay, now we can try and make our way into the spike rotating room. Do so by staying in the bridge room and heading up the stairs here.
  • The way to the room will follow the same method as opening the 2000 Gold chest.
  • At the top of the stairs head to the other side of the 2000 Gold chest. Here you should notice a switch on the floor, this will of course activate a small platform. However, be warned if not already that this platform will only appear temporarily. Linger too long and you are likely to fall off.
  • The easiest method to getting across this gap is to activate the switch and the small platform, then quickly jump and roll to the next ledge
  • Once across ignore the next switch as it will probably knock you off and I think it just poses as a hindrance rather than anything of actual use. Just keep jumping and rolling your way across to the rotating spike room. Don’t forget to smash the crate for a somewhat hidden chest here too. White Nut x3
  • Hello spike rotating room. Now carefully navigate to the ground floor once again. Try not to get spiked in the process.
  • Then follow the spike mechanism around the room to a lever. Activate the lever. The gate to the next area will now be lowered.
  • Now we need to once again follow the mechanism to the spikes that was blocking our path earlier
  • If you haven’t already worked it out, step on the switch on the floor to finally get rid of those spikes.
  • Keep following the next few rooms, nothing to really worry about here. However, when Xavier tells you to head right there will be another trap.
  • There will be a switch on the floor on top of the stairs and one on the bottom too. These switches can either be your best friend or worst nightmare depending on how careful you are.
  • At the bottom of the stairs you can probably see some more robotic enemies, slightly different looking from your normal ones but have the same death mechanic. Meaning they can only be defeated through traps
  • Anyway back to the switches, if you step on the one at the top of the stairs you should get somewhat of a hint as to what they actually do. Basically, once activated they reveal a hidden trap floor at the bottom of the stairs. They also remove the stairs so anyone on the stairs at the time will end up falling into this trap floor, understand what to do here?
  • Okay let us begin, head down the stairs. Don’t worry the enemies won’t attack you just yet.
  • At the end here there will be a lever, activate it. After activating the lever the gate to the next area will open. However, this will also trigger the nearby enemies and now they will attack you.
  • Quickly run to the top of the stairs once again and in order to get rid of them, simply step on the floor switch and watch them all fall into the abyss below. Goodbye, remember to wave as you laugh at their stupidity.
  • Finally we are outside and for now there are no traps or hidden floors to worry about. Phew, though we are not yet done with this quest just yet.
  • We should now be back with the Monstrums. Once you gain control once again, head on up the mountain and to the wooden planks that I told you to remember before. Okay using the Cat’s Gift you will now want to run up these planks to the very top of the building.
  • Such a big rooftop, you would half expect a boss fight but don’t worry nothing like that happens. Not yet anyway. Instead inspect the door, only to then realise its locked.. obviously..
  • For quite a while here I never did notice they nice shiny item on the floor. What you need to do now is inspect the floor by the edge of the roof in order to find the North Wing Key
  • With the key now in our mitts we can unlock the door
  • You will now meet the prisoner we were tasked with rescuing named, Margot.
  • After the next few scenes the side quest will then end. You will receive 6000 Gold and Margot will join as a new ally.


(The following solicitation was posted in private, away from the eyes of the average patron)

I’ve been longing for a taste of home after all this time. Could you deliver a premium Gllian cigar to me?


Make sure the Monstrums deliver it in person


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