YS IX – Monstrum Nox : Wanted – Bualadh Orgh (Side Quest) Guide

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Wanted – Bualadh Orgh is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves hunting down the Bualadh Orgh. It can be found and completed during Chapter 9 – Final Chapter

WANTED – Bualadh Orgh (Side Quest)

  • CLIENT: Aprilis
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • PRIORITY: 1/3 (1 Star)
  • REWARD: Crystal Shield
  • LOCATION: Dandelion – Bulletin Board
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – Final Chapter
  • You can get this side quest after completing Belger’s Request (story related) and then heading to the Dandelion – Bulletin Board
  • From there head to the Keening Highlands
  • At Keening Highlands you should notice a large figure by the ponds just strutting around, this is what you want to defeat.
  • The Orgh is around level 80 but should not pose too much of a problem.
  • After taking care of it return back to Aprilis at the Dandelion Basement in order to complete the side quest.
  • Aprilis will be sitting on the sofa next to Parks, you will receive the Crystal Shield and if this was your last side quest you will also get the Good Samaritan trophy achievement too


A Bualadh-Orgh has appeared somewhere within the Keening Highlands.

We would be remiss to leave it as it is. Thus, I ask that you assist me by subduing it.

Report to me once you’ve found success in your efforts.

I’ll be waiting at the Dandelion


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