YS IX – Monstrum Nox : Wanted – Maretudos (Side Quest) Guide

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Wanted: Maretudos is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves hunting down a specific enemy. It can be found and completed during Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search

  • CLIENT: Aprilis
  • DEADLINE: Long
  • PRIORITY: 1/3 (1 Star)
  • REWARD: Fool’s Gloves
  • LOCATION: Dandelion – Bulletin Board
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search
  • You can begin with side quest on Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search by inspecting the bulletin board inside the Dandelion HQ. Keep in mind though, this one unlike many others is considered to be a ‘Long Quest’ and thus can be completed whenever you desire
  • Whenever you are ready to continue with this quest, simply teleport to Cloaca Maxima – Depths
  • It is here where you will encounter the Maretudos they are the frog type enemies
  • Simply defeat them all in order to progress on with the quest
  • After successfully defeating them all you can then go ahead and report to Aprilis.
  • Aprilis can be found at the Central District
  • She is stood on top of the tower here, simply speak to her in order to complete the quest. Report the subjugation


An army of Maretudos have appeared in the depths of Cloaca Maxima.

We would be remiss to leave them as they are. Thus, I ask that you assist me by subduing them.

Report to me once you’ve found success in your efforts. I shall be waiting at the ruined belfry in the Central District


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